Kitsap Children's Clinic, LLP
Port Orchard

Babies are Babies

All babies sneeze, hiccup, pass gas, burp, occasionally cough and sometimes look cross-eyed. Trembling of the chin, arms and legs is very common in babies and usually diminishes with advancing age. Babies may be taken outdoors, if properly dressed, anytime after coming home from the nursery. Many parents tend to overdress their babies. During the day your baby requires no more clothing than an adult to be comfortable. At night we recommend adding one additional layer to the baby over that which would be necessary for adult comfort. People may visit with your baby, but an obviously ill individual should be avoided.

We recommend avoiding exposing your baby to large crowds for the first month of life.

Remember that hands and feet of babies are always cool to touch even if the baby is warm enough. Ideal room temperature is roughly 68 to 70 degrees. New babies spend a lot of time sleeping. We recommend placing babies on their back for sleeping; stomach sleeping has been shown to slightly increase the risk of crib death. A baby's mattress should be firm and flat and no pillow should be used. It is usually best to have your baby sleep in a room separate from yours.

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