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Pediatrician Service in Silverdale and Port Orchard, WA

Also Serving Port Townsend, Gig Harbor, WA, and Surrounding Areas

With locations in Silverdale and Port Orchard, Kitsap Children’s Clinic, LLP , serves children in Kitsap County and the surrounding areas, including Gig Harbor, WA and Port Townsend, WA.

Get Health Care for Your Child

Pediatrician service is important for the well-being of your child. Children aren’t just small versions of adults; they have unique medical needs that change as they age. Pediatricians specialize in taking care of those unique needs.

Pediatricians have the experience needed to keep your child in the best health possible. We’re knowledgeable about growth and development, common childhood diseases, nutrition, genetic disorders, immunizations, and other child health concerns.

Pediatricians also know how to take care of the fears children have with visiting a doctor. We can help put your child at ease when they are afraid of needles or worried. We’re able to answer your questions, check on your child’s mental health, and direct you to a specialist if your child needs additional care.

We also offer 24/7 accessibility. Even though our clinic isn’t open, one of our providers is always available to talk to patients about urgent healthcare situations. You’ll never be left desperately trying to find answers on the internet when you’re worried about your child.

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When you need pediatrician service for your child, contact Kitsap Children’s Clinic, LLP. Our board-certified physicians have the experience and expertise needed to take care of your child.
We have clinics in Silverdale and Port Orchard, and we serve the surrounding areas, including Port Townsend, Belfair, Port Angeles, and Gig Harbor, WA. To make an appointment, call our Silverdale office at 360-692-9362 or our Port Orchard office at 360-895-0216.