Kitsap Children's Clinic, LLP
Port Orchard

When Baby Cries

Air - Try burping
Bathe - Distract and relax
Car - Take a Drive
Diaper - Check it
Exercise - Gentle movements of arms and legs
Food - May be time for a meal
Growth spurt - More frequent meals for now
Holding - Face baby frontwards, walk around holding over your shoulder.
Imagination - Use your imagination to distract
Joy - When you are stressed, remember the joyful times
Kiss - Kiss tummy or feet to play
Light or lonely - Try a change of scenery. May need the room lighter or darker to sleep
Music - Radio, music box, mobile, or singing
Noise - Repetitive noise may soothe (dishwasher , fan, washing machine)
Overtired - Baby may just need to cry a bit before sleeping
Pacifier - Some babies need to suck and be soothed
Quiet - Quiet whispering near their ears - tell a story
Rocking - Use a rocking chair or gentle swaying motion
Swaddling - Gentle wrap in a blanket with arms tucked in close to their body
Trade - Let someone else hold baby while you take a break
Uncomfortable - Provide a change of position
Vitamins - The taste may surprise them
Walk outside - The breeze and fresh sounds will refresh you both
X-tra - Too hot or too cold?
You - Caring for a baby is frustrating some days.Talk to someone! WARMLINE 373-3030 or Crisis Clinic 479-3033
Zoom - Zoom baby around in a stoller outside or use it inside to rock